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Cincinnati Selected To Host 2012 Sister Cities Midwest Regional Conference Cincinnati, Ohio has been selected in a competitive process to host the 2012 Sister Cities International's Regional Conference. The conference will unite citizen diplomacy leaders in the region and provide an opportunity for sister city associations to network, build partnerships and discuss best practices for empowering the citizen diplomacy movement in the Midwest. "Under the leadership of Mayor Mark Mallory, Cincinnati has shown a commitment to diversity, global cooperation, and to the sister city movement worldwide," said Sister Cities International's President and CEO Mary D. Kane. During a recent sister cities mayor's delegation to Chengdu, China, Mayor Mallory gave a valuable presentation on the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Regional Emergency Operations Center and how participating cities can implement emergency preparedness measures in their communities. The city

My name is Sally Thomson and I left my home in Canada to volunteer with Cuso International in Uganda

My name is Sally Thomson and I left my home in Canada to volunteer with Cuso International in Uganda, where thousands of children were abducted and drawn into lives of slavery, murder and sexual abuse during the bloody war over the last 30 years. Our mission here, with our partner at the Lira District Local Government, is to work with these youth and train them to become full members of the community. It is a daunting task because even here in their own country it is widely believed these youths are “redundant” and a “lost cause” Our plan is to reach out to these former child soldiers in a meaningful and sustainable way. When we first launched this program we expected a few hundred applicants. But when the day came - the crowds almost filled the entire village! There were over a thousand young people on the first day – all of them eager to be chosen. After three days, there were 2,500 village youth clamouring to get to work. So far