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Every Child Online (ECO) Project

What is ECO? ECO  stands for Every Child Online. ECO is a radical technical and commercial advance that will provide broadband internet connectivity at very low cost to millions across Africa. It can deliver connectivity to every unconnected school in Africa. It is live today in hundreds of schools and will soon be in thousands. For more information go to:

IMlango project

The Unique iMlango Programme iMlango is about improving education. We believe that access to the internet and delivering smart digital education services and content helps to improve the education experience and outcomes for children. The programme aims to deliver improved education outcomes to 150,000 children, in 205 schools, and delivers digital attendance monitoring, broadband internet access via satellite and a host of online learning resources to help teachers and students. We are aiming to bring the potential of digital learning and the digital economy to the communities around the schools too. iMlango is delivered by a number of companies in Kenya and the United Kingdom – working in partnership with the UK’s  Department for International Development (DFID)  - and is supported by the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. For more information go to: -