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CALD Founder "David Mutua" offered a Dictance Learning course at The University of Manchester

Dear David Mutua I am pleased to confirm that we have reviewed your application for the MSc Management Information Systems: Change and Development (Distance Learning) programme and that we are able to make you an offer to study on this course.

Teachers Talking on Africa Rural Connect - American Peace Corps Program competition

CALD founder David Mutua features in the African Rural Connect a program with The American Peace Corps for support to continue Teachers Talking. Read more about Africa Rural Connect at: - Project Title: “Teachers Talking” "ICT Skills for Teachers, Students and Communities in Agricultural Rural Kenya – Computer Literacy Training for Teachers – A Proven Practical Approach". Empower and enable teacher-farmer to enter into informed debate and to influence policy regarding use of ICT in education, investment and development in rural agricultural communities in Kangundo, Kenya. About 98% of teachers in these rural community are farmers or practice agribusiness.