Teachers Talking on Africa Rural Connect - American Peace Corps Program competition

CALD founder David Mutua features in the African Rural Connect a program with The American Peace Corps for support to continue Teachers Talking. Read more about Africa Rural Connect at: - http://arc.peacecorpsconnect.org/about

Project Title:“Teachers Talking” "ICT Skills for Teachers, Students and Communities in Agricultural Rural Kenya – Computer Literacy Training for Teachers – A Proven Practical Approach".

Empower and enable teacher-farmer to enter into informed debate and to influence policy regarding use of ICT in education, investment and development in rural agricultural communities in Kangundo, Kenya. About 98% of teachers in these rural community are farmers or practice agribusiness.

Purpose of Grant:
To continue the Teacher Talking project that started in Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria, replicated to Kangundo, Kenya and influenced the Kenyan Government open the first pilot pasha centre in Kangundo. An initiative that falls under the Kenya ICT Board's Digital Villages Project (DVP) also known as "Pasha Centers" (pasha means 'to inform' in Swahili). The Kangundo Pilot Pasha Centre is the first of six centers to be connected to the internet.See more information at http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/2009/prod_080409.html

Our plan is to establish a central rural teacher-farmer training and information access point within the Kangundo pasha center with basic information and communication technology infrastructure, training capacity and support for 36 teacher-farmers, 6 recruited from each of the 6 wards in Kangundo District and later establish 6 small training and information access points in each ward. These trainees will coordinate and oversee future training and information access supported through our initial TT supporter Commonwealth of Learning (COL) open education resources in Agriculture, that will empower teachers-farmers to enter into informed debate and influence policy regarding agricultural production, processing and agribusiness investment projects that will be different from conventional methods (traditional agriculture) that have become incapable of delivering the solutions of feeding our massive population - and simultaneously providing good health, clean environment and improving life expectancy.

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