CALD Moodle: Enhancing Traditional Classrooms in Africa

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Moodle :
Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Moodle Defined :
The process of lazily meandering through something; doing things as it occurs to you to do them; an enjoyable tinkering that often leads to insight and creativity.Check this link for a video about moodle:

Yes, but…WHAT is it? :
- A Course Management System (CMS)
- Created by Martin Dougiamas (Mah-tin Doogy-ah-mas)
- Has a large community of users and developers
- Is Open-Source - Free

- Uses Online courses
- Supplement face-to-face courses
- Excellent way to enhance teaching

Understanding Our Students :
- Our students are children born after the mid-80’s,
- Are digital natives which means:
- Immersed in technology since the time they were born
- They process things at “twitch speed”
- They enjoy random access
- They use parallel processing
- They look at graphics first
- They are play-oriented
- They are always connected

Understanding Us :
- We are digital immigrants,
- People who were born before the mid-80’s
- We work at conventional speeds
- We do things step-by-step
- We process in linear fashion
- We read text first
- We are work-oriented
- We are used to stand-alone problems or concepts

So Why Care? :
- You can lead a horse to water,though can't make it drink - traditional teaching techniques OR
- You catch a lot more flies with honey meaning we can catch our digital students with techniques that they love to play with and learn (Play and learn)
Note: We can integrate both and come out with better product.

KVA's Moodle :
- Accessible from anywhere in the world
- Create a course website and limit access to your students.
- Upload and share materials
- Hold online discussions and chats Give quizzes, tests, and take surveys -- Disseminate, gather, and review assignments
- Record grades
- File Cabinet
- Communicate outside of class
- Forums give students more time to generate their responses
- Privately respond to a shy student

Moodle Possibilities :
The possibilities at KVA are as diverse as our imaginations and teaching styles.

Watch a Moodle in the classroom presentation here:


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