I have thrown these kids at Kibera Smart School in the deep end of technology,allowing them to work in groups and share whatever scarce resources we have here .The results are amazing.

The levels of their interaction, once the pre-group issues are torn down, is a great testimony of their collaboration.
The chilren naturally associate with one another on gender basis,the girls and boys working separately on a project i had given them.

Edwin Okoth, the boy in the middle, was touching computers for the first time,sandwiched in between Denis and Erick and learning from them .If this is not Learning from each other... then I dont Know what it is.

The childrens captivation with technology is unmarched .Their faces show their zeal. This level of learning might not be tested in their school. There is no assesment criteria in kenya for what one learns at home or in the environment.However am sure we are forever changing these kid's life.Their smiles of gratitude is thanks enough for our efforts.

With only five workstations from a windows multipoint server, we have managed to have a share this with 20 kids who come at different times to my house which we have turned into a 'Smart School'.


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