CALD and African Professional Network Members Volunteered at the Saving Lives Society

From Left: Peter Nyame, Vanita Nyame,
Ruth Nduta and David Mutua CALD/APNET
David Mutua the CALD Founder and APNET member has facilitated volunteer opportunities for APNET members with American Red Cross Cincinnati, Ohio Chapter. On Wednesday, March 9, 2011 four members were called to volunteered at the Saving Lives Breakfast at the American Red Cross Cincinnati Region Headquarters 2111 Dana Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45207

The Saving Lives Society breakfast brings individuals and organizations together throughout our community in support of the life saving mission of the American Red Cross, Cincinnati Region.

Diaspora Volunteering

CALD, would like to partner and collaborate with others in developing a project that will facilitate volunteering from among the African education, health and other professionals now in the Diaspora for specific projects within Africa.

It is obvious to us that these highly skilled professionals are capable of making a significant contribution to the African human capacity building and economic empowerment if a favourable mechanism/forum is provided for them. This group of Africans invariably retain their contacts through remittances, which provide a lifeline for their families, friends and even health and educational institutions. Our preliminary research showed that some of them would like to contribute their skills for the African health, education and business development services so long as their jobs in the West were not at risk. We think it is possible to meet this as a minimum demand for contributing their skills and knowledge to their communities and Africa.
Project Title: “Voluntary Service @ Home, Africa” (VSHA)
Goal: To develop structures those enable a continuous and seamless flow of personnel and technology from the West to Africa through African Diaspora volunteers.

Volunteerism is intrinsic to human nature, it is in our nature to solidarise, empathise or sympathise with someone in need of help, we often do this without intending to gain, but nevertheless we always do gain, at least by feeling good that we were able to put a smile on someone’s face.


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