Kenyan Cincinnati Association (KCA) Annual Dinner 2011

The Kenyan Cincinnati Association (KCA) looks forward to welcoming The Kenyan Ambassador in Washington DC USA H.E. Elkanah Odembo, and fellow Kenyans to the events that will be taking place next weekend, Saturday November 5th and Sunday November 6th, 2011. We would like to encourage Kenyans around the Tri-State area (Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio) to plan to participate in both events. The Ambassador will be highlighting some important information during his speech as the guest of honor at the Annual KCA dinner and has requested to meet with Kenyans from the Tri-State area to address some concerns affecting Kenyans within the Diaspora. In addition he would like to address the setting up of "The Diaspora advisory committee" (Midwest region) to serve as an important link between the Kenyan population in the Midwest region and the Embassy. Therefore, we urge and encourage Kenyans to take advantage of this opportunity and attend both events (dinner and conference) and to please confirm via email, phone, or text as this will further help us plan some logistics of the events.

Thank you and we at KCA look forward to welcoming you all.


Daniel C. Odipo
(Chairman KCA)
P/S: If you need help with making accommodation reservation, please let us know through the email below or facebook message.

For more information contact KCA at see more informstion at and facebook event page at!/event.php?eid=264199360289536


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