Kenyan Cincinnati Association(KCA) Thank you letter

By the Chairman - Dr Dan Odipo

 Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Kenyans and well-wishers;

It is with utmost humility that we at the Kenyan-Cincinnati Association (KCA) executive would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support at our recent annual dinner event that was graced by the presence of our Ambassador H.E. Elkanah Odembo.

Thank you to our American brothers and sisters, fellow Africans from other African nations and the international community. We THANK YOU for your sacrificial effort of time and financial support to help our cause "Providing education scholarships for orphaned and impoverished children back in Kenya".

It was indeed a blessing to see many Kenyans coming together in solidarity for a common goal. This sacrificial gesture has stamped an imprint upon our hearts. We will cherish and carry this memory with us wherever we go and do commit to build a strong bond of unity with our fellow brothers and sisters for the greater good of humanity.

David Mutua and the Kenyan Ambassador
 to the USA - H.E Elkanah Odembo
at the KCA Annual Dinner 2011
May we resolve to be the change that we want to see happen and hearken to the clarion call from the Ambassador H. E. Elkanah Odembo, that focused on solidarity. Let us all look beyond our social, cultural, professional and tribal boundaries and strive to foster unity here in our communities, associations and beyond for the greater good of all humanity and generations to come.
Thank you and we look forward and cherish your active participation.


Daniel C. Odipo :- (260)402-2180 cell, e-mail:-

(Chairman Kenyan-Cincinnati Association)





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