Diaspora volunteering

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What is Diaspora Volunteering?Read the story behind this photo

The Cuso International Diaspora Volunteering Program (DVP) provides diaspora communities with the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to development initiatives in their country of heritage. We recruit members of various diaspora groups who have professional skills, hands-on knowledge and perspectives needed to work in solidarity with our partner organizations to reduce poverty, share skills and change lives.
Cuso International also works with diaspora communities in North America to engage in international development beyond volunteering overseas. Diaspora communities have much to contribute to awareness-raising and mobilizing for international development.
Cuso International considers the term “diaspora” to have a diverse and dynamic meaning. Our programs will reflect and be shaped by the diversity of the people and communities that define it.

Why Diaspora Volunteering?

At Cuso International we recognize that the migration of many skilled professionals out of developing countries can be an obstacle to a nation’s development. The resulting "brain drain" often means that countries are left with skill shortages in essential sectors such as health and education. Linking diaspora communities to their countries of origin through volunteering, resource sharing and skills transfer can offer much needed expertise; helping to counter the effects of out-migration of skilled human resources experienced by so many disadvantaged countries.
Support from diaspora is nothing new - there is a strong history of diaspora communities supporting a range of development initiatives in their countries of heritage. Recognizing this history, we see incredible value in working with diaspora communities to meet development objectives. Diaspora communities possess cultural knowledge, as well as education and expertise needed in their home countries, where they play an invaluable role in the social and economic development of that country.
To see the list of current Diaspora Volunteer Opportunities, please click here.


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