Post Election Riots in Nigeria: Kafanchan the hometown of Fantsuam Foundation Burns

Dear Friends,
I have been following Kelechi's (at Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria) messages about the fight at Kafanchan on facebook, this is disturbing information and pictures of dead people bodies burning, people fleeing and the kafanchan market burning. This is the local news link from the Sahara Reporters titled Post Election Riots: Kafanchan Burns.
We all understand the impact this would be to FF family, community, friends, clients, partners and work that has been build through hard work for years to make a difference in this community. "One week of fighting can destroy years of hard work" I understand this situation because i experienced the 2007 post election violence in Kenya, the TT project that had kicked off well stopped due to politics and fighting.

From history, these grunges in Kafanchan or the the north central Nigeria between Christians and Muslims have been there for years and they might be developing to a point of no control.

WARNING: Some of the pictures shared here are disturbing


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