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CUSO International - Volunteer opportunities

Fundraising and Community Development POSTINGS OVERSEAS
starting September 2012

May version fran├žaise suit) We are currently recruiting fundraisers and community development professionals to volunteer overseas.
Roles are generally longer term, ranging from one to two years and volunteers could be working in countries such as Ethiopia, Cambodia, Burkina Faso or Peru. We are currently recruiting for the following positions: Fundraising and Project Development Advisor Bolivia- 3 months Human Rights Officer Ghana - 6 months Management and Fundraising Advisor Ethiopia - 24 months Project Development & Grant Management Specialist Cameroon - 12 months Women's Rights Specialist Cameroon - 12 months Community Mobilization and Volunteer Advisor Nigeria - 18 months Diaspora Volunteering Lead Researcher Nigeria - 2 months Gender Auditor and Strategist Jamaica - 12 months Local Council Advisor Cambodia - 26 months National Volunteering Program …