About US

To be the leading and sustainable solutions provider through building global partnerships in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) innovations, business investments, trade and development opportunities.


Our goal is to promote global partnerships and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) by developing structures or networks that will facilitate access to timely and relevant information and resources, innovative and competitive education, local and international business, trade and development opportunities that will enable both the African communities and our partners to compete globally

Our Mission:

To build a global collaborative working relationship with others that have the same common shared goals, as well as roles and responsibilities are mutually determined and decision-making is shared. We aim to share skills, experiences and resources towards identifying and accessing timely and relevant information, Innovative and competitive education, businesses, investment and community development services that will enhance economic and social progress in both the African communities and our partners.

Our three stone pillars:
CALD International is built on three (3) pillars, these are: -
  1. Building global Partnerships
  2. Use of Information and Communication Technologies(ICT's)
  3. Volunteerism and Philanthropy.
  1. Building Global partnerships
CALD - Avanti meeting in Nairobi - From far right - Charles Walunywa (CALD),
Mukul Kumar (Avanti UK), Mwangi Kiragu (Avanti Kenya) and Front left Nelson Mutua (CALD)
We realize and believe there is added value in working with global partners with diversity of skills and experiences, innovative abilities and resources, we also understand that the benefits of effective partnerships do not appear overnight, establishing effective and inclusive partnerships takes time, and it is important for us to create the right framework from the start and review the structure and process of the partnership on an ongoing basis to measure its success or failure.

Our definition of partnership
We define partnership as a collaborative and sustainable working relationship with others that have the same common shared goals, as well as roles and responsibilities are mutually determined and decision-making is shared.

We very much understand that during the course of developing these partnerships, we are subject to evolve as we learn more about effective management, build capacity, and gain valuable experiences. In that sense, these partnerships act as learning mechanisms that teach us to be better at what we do and enable us to achieve our common shared goals.
  1. Use of Information and Communication Technologies(ICT's)
Indeed, we realize that Information and Communication Technology is a subject of global "trade and development", it has and will continue to have a critical impact on global economic progress, population, food, Agricultural production and general development.

Access to relevant and timely information, education and learning are among the most important of all human activities and always have been the principal means of creating productive and sustainable societies. 

With Globalization and the increasingly dominant role that information and knowledge play in all economies, providing relevant and timely information and quality education or learning is becoming ever more important. At the same time, the emergence of information and knowledge as core assets for development and economic growth is widening the gap between the rich and the poor. The gap is growing between those who have access to and can manage modern information and knowledge systems and those who lack the access and ability to actively participate in the information age.
  1. Volunteerism and Philanthropy
Under CALD Foundation we are developing structures that advocate and promote giving back to communities that we work with.
Our goal is to develop local and international structures that will enable a continuous and seamless flow of personnel and resources to those communities that we work with through our partners.

Company Registration and Structure:
CALD International LLC is registered in the State of Ohio, USA, registration number 201218700054 and CALD Enterprise Kenya registration number CPR/2014/153589. We are discussing with our network of friends for future partnerships and representation in other parts of Africa.

Our company structure is developing in 5 sectors below that are represented by each of the 5 stars on our logo. These are as follows: -
    1. CALD Enterprise - Trade, Business and Investment
    2. CALD Academy - Education and Training 
    3. CALD Business Solutions - Consultation, Staffing and Services 
    4. CALD Health Services - Health Service
    5. CALD Foundation - Volunteerism and Philanthropy  

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