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Kenya ICT landscape

In mid-February 2013, the National ICT Master Plan (2012-2017) was launched by the Kenyan Government. It is a strategic document aimed to fast-track ICT investment and innovation. The former Ministry of Information and Communication had projected that by 2017, “the ICT Industry should be contributing an estimated USD 2 billion (25% of GDP), created 500 ICT companies, and brought in 50,000 jobs. The impact is also expected to be felt by SMEs with their automation projected at 60%, the number of commercialized business is placed at a 100 while 20 new innovations are expected to be propagated globally.” According to the Kenya ICT Board, four goals set by the Master Plan to be met by 2017 are: Goal 1:  Every citizen, resident, home and institution will be connected through a countrywide robust, accessible and affordable ICT infrastructure. Goal 2:  Kenya will become the leading ICT HUB in African attracting leading global players and generating globally respected local entrepreneurs