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African Professional Network (APNET) of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Members volunteered at the Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly , they spend part of the Easter weekend cooking, feeding and entertaining the elderly with African Music, jokes and dance. for more picture see our facebook page at:   

Post Election Riots in Nigeria: Kafanchan the hometown of Fantsuam Foundation Burns

Dear Friends,
I have been following Kelechi's (at Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria) messages about the fight at Kafanchan on facebook, this is disturbing information and pictures of dead people bodies burning, people fleeing and the kafanchan market burning. This is the local news link from the Sahara Reporters titled Post Election Riots: Kafanchan Burns.
We all understand the impact this would be to FF family, community, friends, clients, partners and work that has been build through hard work for years to make a difference in this community. "One week of fighting can destroy years of hard work" I understand this situation because i experienced the 2007 post election violence in Kenya, the TT project that had kicked off well stopped due to politics and fighting.

From history, these grunges in Kafanchan or the the north central Nigeria between Christians and Muslims have been there for years and t…
Spring Mixer Cookout

DATE &TIME 23rd April 2011 · 14:00 - 22:00PM
LOCATION -Elm Ridge Overlook at the Winton Woods Park

10245 Winton Rd
Cincinnati, OH

Come join us in ushering in the warm weather at a cookout to be held at the ELM RIDGE OVERLOOK (39°15'23"N 84°31'46"W)

DIRECTIONS -It will be at the Elm Ridge Overlook Shelter at the Winton Woods Park. The address above is to the main entrance of Winton Woods Park. If you are coming north on Winton Rd, Make a left on Valleyview Drive. If you are coming south, make a right on Valleyview dr.
On Valleyview drive, you will see picnic shelters to the left and right, Elm Ridge Overlook will be about 1/4 mile on your left.
PLEASE NOTE: Park requires a daily parking permit for everyone. It is $3.
See park map here:
MUSIC - Genge, Reggae, Afro-fusion, Hi-life, Soul, Soca
FOOD - Grilled Meats(Nyama Choma),and other side dishes. For the great cooks out there, you may…
APNET April Networking Event @ Andy’s Mediterranean Grill
Our theme this weekend was conversation with emerging leaders in African Literature & Business

This event featured Zimbabwean author, artist and poet - Madeline Ndambakuwa
Madeline is a self-taught artist and poet. She has diligently mastered her trade and this has led her to find a voice in art enriched by her personal values.
She has also received training from great teachers spiritually and academically. Each of her work is a story or a message that she hopes will unfold to you. But most of all, it's the Spirit of God behind the work that matters. She has written 3 poetry books and is in the process of writing a book on Women.

Read more about Madeline and her work by visiting her website at
What’s New and Now in Information Technology
IT Trends Shaping the Economy and World We Live In

Attention techies and technophobes:

The pace of change in technology is accelerating. In no other sector does a trend become a fad so quickly. To financially profit from this radical pace of change, we need to understand emerging technologies and how they will shape businesses in the future. We’ll cover topics such as:

Cyber Intelligence

Application Development

Mobile Computing

Cloud Computing


But this is more than just a session for those who work in IT. Come and learn about technologies to make your business run better, such as how to leverage Social Computing (not Social Networking) as the basis for your marketing plan. Learn about the latest in home office and home entertainment technologies. There’s truly something for everyone.

Also, we'll have an Entrepreneurs Corner as a follow-up to last month's ses…
Quality Education for 21st Century.
Transform Education by building the capacity of schools to embrace 21st century education through a judicious teacher professional development program and use of affordable and appropriate technologies. Watch Video below: -

Objective: To use the time and distance annihilating properties of ICT’s in transforming the chalk and talk methods through pedagogical ICT integration to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Kenyan Schools.
Information and communication technology (ICT has) has tremendous potential to transform teaching and learning. Kenya’s classrooms will not change for the better simply by providing computers into them. Teacher buy-in, effective professional development, and a vision for the ways in which curriculum and instruction need to evolve in order to educate students for a rapidly changing world are all essential to such a transformation.