Grant for web and mobile phone applications open from July 21, Close Aug 22 2011

Call for proposals: July 21- Aug 22 2011Grant amount: $ 10,000 per individuals; $ 50,000 per company; $ 150,000 matching grant for established companies
Number of grants to be awarded in 2011: at least 30
Eligibility: Kenyan citizen, companies registered in Kenya
Categories: Private Sector Innovation, Government Data Applications
The Ministry of Information and Communications, through the Kenya ICT Board is now accepting proposals for the Tandaa Digital Content Grant. The grant is offered to Kenyan citizens and companies registered in Kenya for the development of innovative web or mobile phone applications. Grants of up to $ 50,000 for companies and $ 10,000 for individuals and teams will be offered through the program.
The objective of the grant is to stimulate ICT innovation and creativity while promoting economic growth in the sector. For many companies that develop web and mobile solutions, access to funding to grow their company is a huge challenge. By supporting entrepreneurs with the funds they need to successfully take their products to market, the grant hopes to grow the number of relevant and local web and mobile applications available to Kenyans.
The Kenya ICT Board awarded fifteen grants in 2010 and hopes to award at least 30 grants in 2011. The grant is available to individuals and companies in any sector and the Kenya ICT Board encourages any individual or company with ideas for web or mobile applications to apply.