Diasporas for Development Initiative

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Cuso International is seeking American diaspora volunteers with business and entrepreneurship skills in Kenya, the Philippines, Peru, Ethiopia and Jamaica.Read the story behind this photo

A public-private partnership generously supported by USAID and Accenture, implemented by Cuso International, the 'Diasporas for Development Initiative' (DfD) is designed to support and promote the mobilization of diaspora communities to address human resources gaps – often due to “brain drain” – in developing countries.
The 'Diasporas for Development' volunteers will provide support to partner organizations in the creation and development of employability and entrepreneurship skills and opportunities. DfD is open to all US citizens or permanent residents who are members of the diaspora community and others who have a demonstrated relevant connection to, or experience in, the target country.
Overall, the program two-pronged approach seeks to promote diaspora engagement in their countries of ancestry or heritage by:
  1. Developing partnerships with Diaspora Partner Organizations in the U.S. through reciprocal exchanges of support; and
  2. Recruiting and placing U.S.-based professionals from the diaspora in projects that build employability and entrepreneurship skills in their country of ancestry.
To apply to become a USAID 'Diasporas for Development Initiative' volunteer:

For more information on the 'Diaspora for Development Initiative', check out:
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